My research interests vary across the fields of mathematics and mathematics education.

Past, current, and future projects include:

  • Studying the structure and orbit decomposition of symmetric spaces for SL_n(F_q).
  • Conjugacy classes of maximal R-split tori in generalized symmetric spaces.


  • Visual Stylometry: Integrating mathematics, philosophy, computer science, and art to classify artwork.


  • Creating materials for CCICADA to integrate forensics and network analysis into K-16 education.
  • Creating inquiry-based labs for calculus I and Calculus II sequence.
  • Working current and future with Elementary School teachers to enhance their and their students’ experiences with mathematics.


  • Democratizing access to authentic mathematics for all students.
  • Working for anti-oppressive mathematics education and the incorporation of social justice into mathematics classrooms.


  • Mathematics of Big Data from a algebraic prespective