My research interests vary across the fields of mathematics and mathematics education.

Past, current, and future projects include (click link to see complete list of publications, projects, grants, and presentations) or visit or

Generalized Symmetric Spaces

  • Studying the structure and orbit decomposition of symmetric spaces for SL_n(F_q).
  • Conjugacy classes of maximal R-split tori in generalized symmetric spaces.

Visual Stylometry

  • Visual Stylometry: Integrating mathematics, philosophy, computer science, and art to classify artwork.
  • Work supported by NEH: Digital Humanities

Social Justice/Equity/Ethics

  • Democratizing access to authentic mathematics for all students.
  • Working for anti-oppressive mathematics education and the incorporation of social justice into mathematics classrooms.


  • Creating materials for CCICADA to integrate forensics and network analysis into K-16 education.
  • Creating inquiry-based labs for calculus I and Calculus II sequence.
  • Working current and future with Elementary School teachers to enhance their and their students’ experiences with mathematics.